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Relaxation is something that all people yearn for; in the break, after work, on the weekend ... Still, it's harder than you think to really relax.
Not only in our activities, we often use more tension than is necessary, even in rest periods, we can observe that our body is still under tension and the rest is often less restful than we would like.

We mainly experience relaxation physically, but it starts in the head. In Taiji, we use the conscious movement as a way to relax internally.
When we anchor the attention in the body, feel the ground under our feet and let the arms follow the center of the body, the mind can relax.

When the mind relaxes, the heart becomes wide, the movements supple, and it becomes easier to distinguish the essential from the nonessential.

The secret of relaxation is not to do nothing, but doing things the right way.


...is a Chinese martial art based on the principles of relaxation and yielding. For a long time it’s been known and practiced in Europe for its positive impact on physical health and mental balance.

On a deeper level, Taiji is about internal development. By refining our perception and deepening our awareness, it enables us to develop a different relationship with ourselves, with the people close to us, and with the circumstances of life.

Taiji teaches us how to build stability and strength while remaining flexible and elastic at the same time.
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